Is Ariana Grande dating Diego Boneta?

If so, we are very, very jealous.

Is Ariana Grande dating Diego Boneta?

Now that Ariana Grande is a single pringle, the topic of who she’s dating is hotter than Brooklyn Beckham in a tight white tank top. Mmm, Brooklyn Beckham in a tank top.

Anyway… Ariana and Big Sean broke up at the end of April and the latest rumour on the mill is that she is dating her Scream Queens co-star Diego Boneta.

You miiiight recognise him from playing Alex on Pretty Little Liars. After all, who could forget that smile?

Or as Javier the hot musician from 90210? (Yeah… we may have had to google that one).

According to the Latin Times, Diego was asked about his relationship with Ariana Grande, and he expertly dodged answering the question.

He said: "I'm going to tell you that I love that we're together in the series, and I'll leave it at that."

Hmm that means one thing. THEY’RE TOTALLY DATING! Or you know, not. Maybe he’s just terrible at interviews or just answers every question extremely vaguely.

All we know is if there is a little somethin’ somethin’ going on between the two of them, Ariana is one lucky lady. I mean check out those beautiful peepers of him. We could get lost in those eyes for days.

In fact, we’re so on board with this potential new love pair that we’ve already thought of a nickname for them. Dariana? Ariandie? It’s a work in progress.

We’re sure that if there is something going on, Ariana will be the first to post about it on social media. Luckily our fave hobby happens to be creeping on celebs so we’ll keep you posted…