Is Selena Gomez going on tour with The Weeknd?

Ablena: The World Tour!

By Matt Galea
Is Selena Gomez going on tour with The Weeknd?

So whoever said that The Weeknd and Selena Gomez, AKA Ablena would be short-lived can now eat their words as the pair just keep getting closer and closer.

So close, in fact, that the musical duo are ~rumoured~ to be going on tour together!

The ’Starboy’ singer is reportedly prepping for a V lengthy tour starting February 17 and his loved up girlfriend totes wants to tag along!

“Not only would [Selena] like to join him on tour but she would also like to join him on tour to perform with him or even open up for him on some dates,” a source close to the hot new couple revealed to HollywoodLife.com. “But he is currently only OK with her just joining him on stage occasionally or mostly just traveling with him. He would rather keep the people performing with him the already announced performers of Bryson Tiller and Lil Uzi Vert.”

Um, so both hit-makers would actually be performing together?

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Kween Sel has revealed that she is currently working on new music, so perhaps a tour alongside her bae will be the perf way to promo her new jams!

It has also been rumoured that the new lovers are planning a ~fiyah~ duet together.