Is this proof that Gigi and Zayn are engaged?

Do we hear Zigi wedding bells?

By Matt Galea
Is this proof that Gigi and Zayn are engaged?

Our fave celeb couple, Gigi Hadid and Zayn have been looking so loved up on social media lately that we’ve been wondering when they’re gonna take their relationship to the next level.

And it may be sooner than we thought!

Over the weekend, Gigi stepped out wearing her usual street-style gear: leggings and a hoodie, topped with a black bomber and accessorised with black sneakers and aviator sunnies.

But waaaaaait just a minute.

Do you see what we see?

Hadid sported a thin gold band on her left ring finger.

Oh yeah, THAT finger.

Did Zayn just pop the question to his model GF?

The pair have been dating for over a year now and they have grown noticeably closer over that time.

Also, it was ~heavily~ rumoured that the ex-1D member proposed to Gigi during the holz but she turned it down.

Did she take it all back and decide to marry her bae?

TBF, it could just be a conveniently placed accessory. But think about it, when’s the last time you wore sweats and leggings with a gold ring on THAT finger?


We'll wait...

~drops mic~