Is this Selena Gomez’s hot new bae?

Looks like kween Sel has a type: hot af singers!

By Matt Galea
Is this Selena Gomez’s new bae?

Shield your eyes, Justin. You’re not gonna like this one bit!

The reigning kween supreme of Instagram, Selena Gomez has recently returned to her conquering app in full force after a brief period of down time.

After her stint away from IG (although it felt like a damn lifetime!), Sel’s first order of business was to follow a certain sexy singer…

His name is Maluma and he’s a mega popular singer in Colombia.

A sneaky fan captured the glorious moment when the singers followed each other, then “liked” a few of each other’s pics.

But wait, there’s more!

Selena’s next order of business was to post this pic of her microphone with a cryptic caption that had us all scratching our heads in confusion.

'Vente Pa'Ca’ is a song by Ricky Martin featuring, wait for it… Maluma!

So it looks like ol’ Sel is making quite an effort to get this gentleman’s attention and he seems keen as a bean as well (like, how could you not be!?).

But wait a minute - have you guys noticed anything?

Is it just us or does this guy give off MAJOR Latino Justin Bieber vibes?

The tatts, the outfits, the poses. They're practically the same person!

Looks like Sel defs has a type. Let's just hope that JB's Latino counterpart treats Sel a heck of a lot better than he did!