Jack Johnson just got involved in the Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky saga

Such a messy sitch.

By Jessica Lynch

ICYMI: Last week an audio clip was released of Jack Galinsky verbally abusing his GF at the time, singer Madison Beer.

Jack confirmed in a statement on social media that it was in fact him in the audio, and apologised for his harsh comments. Madison then tweeted a statement urging others in the same position to speak up, saying she was ‘blinded by love’ at the time of the recording, but she deleted the tweet soon after.

Now in added ~drams~ to the entire saga Jack’s band mate, Jack Johnson, has come out dragging Madison in a YouTube video titled ‘The Truth’, claiming that she was ‘just as bad’ when it came to verbal arguments with Jack.

"This toxic relationship was fully mutual," Johnson said. "I've heard Madison call Jack things and just say thing about people in general that would undoubtedly put her in this exact position right now."

He said he has "been around their fights for the past three years" and that the clip was the first time where he heard "Beer hold her tongue" in an argument.

Madison then took to Twitter to seemingly hit back at Johnson's claims, writing:

"I urged women to speak up and to learn from my foolishness. I now understand why it's difficult for women to speak up and why I was so afraid to do so all this time," Beer said in a statement on Twitter three hours later. "Why is the source of the video the story? Why is the woman who was being abused being called a liar? Why am I to blame? What happened in the video is real. There is no going around that. The abuse is real...and I let it happen."

"I know what I have been through and will continue to be strong. You are not alone. I am sorry if social media presented a perfect relationship," she continued.

Madison ended her statement by writing, "Take a stand. You will be called a liar, you will be put in the line of fire but do not let them silence you. I say this again, nothing is worth your safety or happiness. Speak out. That is all I have to have."