Little Mix's latest troll on Zayn is probably the funniest thing you'll ever see

Soz Zayn but this is too good.

By Bianca Mastroianni

The feud between Little Mix and Zayn will probably never die, and that's the beauty of your #girlfriends having your back unconditionally.

The hatred between the two seems to have been re-ignited after Little Mix dropped their new song Shout Out To My Ex, which would probably be more aptly titled as We're About To Rip Into Zayn Lol.

Some great internet wizard on Twitter decided to take the shade one step further, by editing Zayn's awkward as heck choreography dance on X Factor (#NeverForget) to be dancing to Shout Out To My Ex.

Just watch...

Shortly after, this appeared on Snapchat...

It's an obvious dig at how awkward Zayn was during that audition, and if anyone remembers, he made a pretty big deal about it at the time.

Look, it could be a coincidence since Jade also auditioned on X Factor as well, but really does seem like maaaaajor shade. What do you think?