Jake Paul is in trouble (again) and this time it's REALLY bad

This is not OK.

It hasn’t been a good month for Jake Paul, who now seems to be more famous for his obnoxious behaviour than for being a social media personality.

Just last month, he made headlines after neighbours described their street as a ‘war zone’ after Jake and his Team 10 crew moved in, disturbing the previously peaceful neighbourhood with their pranks and wild behaviour (which included burning a mattress in the yard).

Following the stream of bad publicity, he ‘mutually decided’ to leave Disney’s Bizaardvark (read: was dropped) in the middle of the second season. Now, the 20-year-old is AGAIN in hot water for making fun of an enthusiastic fan with an accent, saying he “sounds like he’s going to blow someone up.”

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While filming a vlog for his YouTube channel, a fan can be seen running up to Jake asking, “Can you put this on the vlog please?” with a thick accent.

Jake then asks “Where are you from?”, and as the fan begins to to say he’s “from Kazakhstan originally …” Jake cuts him off to say, “it sounds like you’re going to blow someone up.”

Speaking to someone like that is truly disgusting - and fans across Twitter seem to think so too, as soon after, the hashtag #JakePaulIsOverParty began to trend.

His ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet couldn’t help joining in on the fun, too.

Whether Jake will actually learn from this incident we'll just have to wait and see.