Jake Paul says 'sorry' for in a YouTube rap video

Has he turned over a new leaf?

By Jessica Lynch

Jake Paul has been in the spotlight for some not-so-positive reasons lately (including turning his neighbourhood into a warzone as well as being racist to a fan). Now, in response to all the ~drams~, he’s put up new track on YouTube apparently asking for forgiveness.

Uploaded to his channel on Saturday, the vid is titled ‘YouTube Stars Diss Track’, although a disclaimer at the beginning of it reads:

"This isn't a diss-track. It's a message to all the news and hate."

As the song starts, Jake raps:

He then goes on to remind everyone about all the positive things he’s done for people, like helping fans with depression and various charity work, before seemingly apologising for his recent behaviour.

Let’s hope this means Jake’s chucking a Biebs and becoming a better person after all this mess.