Watch a sneak peek from Demi Lovato's and Nick Jonas’ Carpool Karaoke!

It's on TODAY!

By Sammy Stewart

UPDATE: 17/5

Later on today Demi Lovato's and Nick Jonas' Carpool Karaoke will FINALLY air and provide us with another favourite YouTube video.

Check back here in a few hours and we'll have the ~official~ clip. But til then, we have a lil sneak peek above!

Original article: April 29th

The next passengers (yep, not one but TWO) have been announced for The Late, Late Show's Carpool Karaoke!

Can you guess who it is?

We'll give you a hint:


Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are about to go on tour together but before any singing business happens, they'll be stopping by to help James get to work on the next segment of Carpool Karaoke!

There's no word on WHEN the segment will air but we do know that the type of music to come out of this car trip will be nek level powerful...