James Corden's celeb rap battles are going to get their own spin-off

TV gold.

By Bianca Mastroianni

It was only recently that it was announced James Corden's hit segment Carpool Karaoke was getting its own spin-off show with a different host, and we had mixed emotions.

Now, there's another Late Late segment being spun into a whole separate series: Celebrity Rap Battles.

Yep, the above is the exact moment Cara Delevingne slayed the living daylight out of James Corden and Dave Franco in a rap battle, so it's a great indication of what's to come.

The new show will be called Drop the Mic, and just like Lip Sync Battles it'll most likely pit celebs against each other.

Imagine the possibilities.

We just have our fingers crossed that James will be involved somehow, because let's be real we watch most of these segments just to see him.