Another famous boy-band member is after Perrie Edwards and history is repeating itself

It's not the first time he's made his feelings known.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Perrie Edwards is basically the most eligible bachelorette rn.

She is hot AF, majorly successful, and in the prime of her life. She has her gals, and she's dealt with her boys, now, she's ready to date (we think).

In the line to date her, Luke Pasqualino, footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and now, boy-band sensation and regulation hottie, James McVey from The Vamps.

We all know her fling with Luke bombed, hard. So he's outta the question. As for Alex, it seems like they've been secretly seeing each other for a while now, but nothing has been confirmed. Now, James is making his feelings sorta clear on Twitter, and we're here for it.

It all started when Perrie tweeted The Vamps, praising their new bop All Night.

"Slightly obsessed with #AllNightVampsMatoma well done lads! @TheVampsband Such a bop! I demand you to check it out! Perrie <3" Adorbs, right?

James was quick to notice, replying with:

"Thanks Perrie you're the best. Didn't stand a chance in our staring contest. 😒" HELLO sly personal joke insert. Also, staring contest? That's hot.

It's not the first time James has spoken up about Perrie, well, about the girls in Little Mix. He defended them against harsh critics saying they dress too provocatively. Talking to The Sun, he said:

"If we performed wearing vests or even topless the only backlash would be from guys saying we look silly.

"But as soon as girls do it, it's labelled as inappropriate and I think ultimately it's that gender inequality and it's stereotyping, which needs to stop.

"It's their choice what they wear. To me personally you couldn't see sexual organs, I don't get the backlash. I don't see why they got the harsh comments they did."

Here here James.

But he wasn't the only Vamps member to respond to Pez, with Connor sending a generic, less flirtatious thanks.

We're calling it, James has it bad for Perrie and WE WANT THEM TO DATE!