UPDATE: 5SOS FINALLY clear up the Janoskians’ “Cloudy” confusion.

Turns out 5SOS DID write the tune but it didn’t make their first album...

UPDATE 26/6:

The origin of the Janoskians’ latest song “Cloudy” has finally been explained, but it’s all still a bit... er, cloudy.

The tune which the Janoskians’ boys claimed was written by Calum Hood actually turned out to be a 5SOS leftover that didn’t quite make it into their first album (ouch.)

5 Seconds of Doge Summer’s Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings set the record straight on Shazam Top 20 when Ashton explained, “OK, let's clear it up. It's a song we wrote and we never gave it to anyone - we just never used it. There's not many details."

Okayyyyyy, but why did Ashton deny even hearing the song last week…?

"No one told us they were using it. It was kind of a song we forgot about writing for the first album and it took us a while to remember what song it actually was... so we're not sure if they're using it or whatever...It was definitely never written for them or with them, but they might use it, they might not." Luke added.


It’s all still a bit cloudy if you ask us.

Either way, it’s still a solid tune.

ORIGINAL 19/6: There’s been a lot of confusion over who wrote The Janoskians new song “Cloudy”.

First The Janoskians themselves claimed that Calum Hood had a hand in writing it and we thought all of our musical dreams came true with the 5SOS x Janoskians overlap.

Then big dog Ashton Irwin tweeted that 5SOS had nothing to with any music by The Janoskians.

After doing a little undercover work (OK, googling The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), it turns out that there’s a song called "Cloudy with a Chance of Pain” which was written by Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Yellowcard’s Ryan Key so that might explain some of the back-and-forth going on.

The whole thing leaves us baffled TBH.

Meh, let’s not get weighed down with all these unanswered questions.

Just sit back and enjoy because what a tune!