Your favourite YouTuber has been in a really scary car accident


By Bianca Mastroianni

In the most horrifying news ever, Jenna Marbles and boyfriend Julien Solomita have been in a car accident.

Jenna has now shared the details on her famous YouTube channel, and we warn you, they're scary.

She explains the driver was speeding down the highway, and she was sitting with her knee up against her chest - which is what made some of her injuries so bad.

“Julien and I were both wearing our seat belts, so the worst of the damage is for me on my knee, because it was against the wall, and where the seat belts were,” she said in the video.

Here are some images of the bruises she got on her body.

"I'm glad I was wearing my seatbelt please always wear yours," she tweeted.

Plz take her advice. Get better soon Jenna <3.