A major PLL character is returning to Rosewood!

Lookout Rosewood...

By Sammy Stewart

One of the most intense/crazy/annoying/blind/not blind/complicated/hectic characters we’ve met in Rosewood is FINALLY returning to town...

Jenna Marshall is heading back to Rosewood for one last time before the seasons ends, but she’s not coming without drama.

The last time we saw Jenna was in season 5 when she was getting ready to flee town after her friend Shana was shot by Aria, after she rocked up to kill the girls. #GoodTimes

Actress Tammin Sursok made the announcement via her Twitter with a pair of very ~strategically~ placed glasses:

Is Jenna still blind? Is she ~good~ now? Is she coming back to say hi to Cece only to realise that she's SPOILER dead?

All will be revealed on June 21 when season 7 returns on Fox 8