Jimmy Fallon sorts out Jared Leto's unruly beard

Jimmy Fallon puts Jared Leto on the spot and trims up his beard on The Tonight Show.

Hollywood hottie Jared Leto has been rockin' a pretty serious beard lately. Since collecting the best supporting actor gong at the Academy Awards in February for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, Jared has put the razor away and let his beard flow free.

Already sporting long hair and some short facial growth at the Oscars, Jared’s beard took on epic proportions in the last few months, drawing comparisons to the son of God!

But Jared’s facial fuzz was no match for Jimmy Fallon when he appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show. Obviously Jimmy hadn’t received the memo that beards are in fashion as he offered the actor a friendly tip.

"If you want any advice, I’d take the beard down a notch," said the host, before producing a set of clippers and a barber’s cape.

Jared then allowed his fur to be trimmed right then and there in front of the studio audience! He beamed from ear-to-ear as Jimmy got his clip on...

We think Jared took the cut like a pro! Especially considering he'd been working on that beard for six months.