Joe Jonas is totally dating one of your favourite TV stars

So much hugging and flirty photobombing going on RN.

By Natasha Harding

Prepare for your TV worlds to collide ‘cause your girl Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and Joe Jonas might be dating IRL. The evidence? A pretty convincing series of Inta and Twitter pics showing the two getting ~cosy~ together, natch.

To start, Soph spent Halloween together alongside Joe and his DNCE crew, with Joe dressed up as a Dalmatian next to Soph, who went as a bunny.

Joe went and got all flirty and photobombed a couple of her pics…

Then the two were snapped with their arms around each other in the crowd at the MTV EMAs (where DNCE performed).

Here they are just watchin’ the show….

Aaaand here they are looking like they’re just about to start/stop making out and we have to admit, it looks pretty frekkin’ convincing.

While the two are yet to confirm anything offish, we have eyes and can see what's going on here tyvm.

Yep, we’ve seen enough.

Then one fan said what we were all thinking…. WHAT ABOUT MAISIE?!

The gals also did couple dressing for Halloween and we’re sorry Joe but this wins.

Sophie & Maisie for lyf <33