Joe Jonas wants you to hear the songs he wrote about his breakup with Gigi Hadid

They might ~accidentally~ leak.

By Sammy Stewart

It's been a wild ride for Joe Jonas. This time last year, he was loved up with Gigi Hadid and nek thing ya know, Gigi's in ~lUrvE~ with Zayn.

Anyhow, like all musicians, Joe turned his hurt feelings into music with his band DNCE and there's a very good chance you might come across it... like soon.

Very soon indeed...

Chatting with The Sun, Joe had THIS to say: "Those songs in particular didn't make the album."

"You might hear them eventually, songs leak all the time, but I think the place I was in my life when I wrote them, I'm not there anymore, so it wouldn't make sense to release them."

Ooohh pls and yas.

It's pretty obvi to assume that this music WON'T be too chill. Earlier this year, Joe told the same publication he'd "written a song that is going to p* someone off."

So if you hear any music that sounds pretty ~dissy~ towards Gigi Hadid and is sung by a dude that sounds like Joe Jonas, you'll know whaddup.