One of Taylor Swift's exes had THIS to say about that Kimye drama

OooooOOOOooo this should be good.

By Amber Manto

It was only a matter of time before one of Tay’s exes popped up out the woodwork and commented on the showdown of the millennium between her and Kimye.

But which one?! Harry? John? Calvin? Nah…. Give ya clue: dumped over the phone.

That’s right, none other than Joe Jonas who TayTay dated waaaaay back in 2008 and broke up with her in 27 second phone call.

He swiftly (yeah we did) moved onto Camilla Belle, and Tay’s song Better than Revenge is meant to be all about that drama. Funnily enough Camilla has already commented on what she thinks (FYI: was brutal) but what about JOE?!

When asked if he had any thoughts about the whole thing in an interview with AOL Joe laughed it off and said: "I keep out of it. It's obviously everywhere, but I just stay on the sidelines."

Classy move, babes.