Did Joe Jonas’ mum just out his relationship with Gigi Hadid?

GOOD ONE, MUM! Looks like the cat’s out of the bag for G.I Joe...

Did Joe Jonas’ mum just out his relationship with Gigi Hadid?

We’ve been playing the ‘are-they-aren’t-they’ dating game with Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid for a few weeks but the pair are yet to fill us in on their 'official' relationship status. Rude.

Thankfully celeb mums' love nothing more than gasbagging about their kids' lives and Joe's mum Denise has (sort of) opened up about Joe's budding relationship with Gigi.

"I don't know yet. I have to see. We'll see! Check with me in a month," she told People.

"That whole relationship thing, I try to stay out of as a mum because all of my children's girlfriends and friends become part of my family and my heart. I love all of them. And I try to stay out of it."

Sounds very much like she ships G.I. Joe to us! But that's 'cos she's not like a regular mum, right?

While Gigi has remained tight-lipped about her dating life, she did chat to Harper's Bazaar about another very important relationship in her life: being BFFs to Kendall Jenner.

Gigi spoke about why she would never compete with Kendall for modelling gigs.

"I don't really feel competition like that. Especially in a job like this - we look different," she said.

"If they want Kendall, they're not going to want someone who looks like me. It's completely different. I think friendships are a lot more valuable than one job. If you're going to let it ruin that, then that's stupid."

Gigi also gushed about how much she looked up to Kenz as a model.

“I've been backstage at Chanel with Kendall and she doesn't ask for anything extra or expect to be treated differently, and that's why I respect her and we've become really good friends because I think we both see very similar work attitudes in each other,” Gigi said.