One of Taylor Swift’s exes seriously dragged her on her birthday

That was way harsh, man!

By Matt Galea
John Mayer dragged Taylor Swift on her birthday

Cat kween, squad-leader and legendary singer Taylor Swift turned the big 2-7 yesterday!

But while most people would usually take this opportunity to throw the birthday girl a party, one of her highly controversial ex-baes decided to throw her some shade instead.

So which ex-bae would be salty enough to throw shade? Harry? No way. Calvin? Hm, maybe? John Mayer? Oh, hell yes.

The eternally bitter musician tweeted the following petty words: “Tuesday, December 13 may be the lamest day of the year, conceptually.”

The 39-year-old musician then DELETED the tweet. Ya know, coz he's a cowardly lion.

But not before a sneaky reporter screenshotted the tweet for us all to see and enjoy.

Mayer followed up the tweet with a weak af attempt to retract his words and deny that any shade was thrown:

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In case you’ve forgotten, coz it's totally ancient history, the two musicians dated way back in 2010 before splitting on reaaaally bad terms.

So bad, in fact, that Tay wrote the scathing track 'Dear John’ about him which reportedly "humiliated” John, and the folk singer responded with 'Paper Doll’, a track that was totally poking fun at Tay.

After completing her usual ritual of shading an ex via song, Taylor moved on from her unforch relationship with Mayer, never publically mentioning him again.

But it looks like John is still holding a grudge for the singer – who, by the way, is 12 years his junior.

May be time to grow up a bit, aye Johnny boy?