Apparently Justin accused Selena of cheating with Zayn, and yeah this is outrageous

The #Jelena war has officially turned insane.

By Bianca Mastroianni

UGHHHHHHHHHHHH this is never freaking ENDINGGG!

The celebs these days really know how to wage a full-on war, and their biggest ammo is their damn fingers typing comments behind a screen. We can't keep up, so at this point we are resulting in dot points to keep you up to date:

~ Justin Bieber posts picture on Instagram threatening fans that he will make his profile private if they don't leave Sofia Richie alone.

~ Fans lose their minds, start trending #RIPBeliebers

~ Selena freaking Gomez gets involved, comments this:

~ A comment war between the two initiates, and the rest is history. #Jelena is dead forever, we already knew that, but what we didn't expect was this:

The two broke up a zillion years ago, and although there have always been whispers about what went down, neither of them have come outright and said it themselves. Now Selena has accused Justin of cheating, and as a result this was commented shortly after:

Basically, Bieber wrote: "I cheated... oh I forgot about You and Zayn?"

We and like, the rest of Twitter are 3000% sure it's Photoshop, but hot damn this is a wild rumour.

While we are still wondering why the hell this has even been said, we can't help but think back alllllllllll the way to 2013 when Zayn came out and admitted he would kiss Selena.

Clearly these rumours have stemmed from somewhere, so it's either a weird stan trying to start more #dramz or something more went down between Sel and Zayn than we never found out about. His kiss comment was during the time Zayn was still with Perrie, and rumours were swirling that he had cheated on her with an Aussie waitress...

Basically, send help because WE ARE CONFUSED and need answers STAT! Who would have thought that drama from three years ago would come to light from a simple IG pic Justin posted?!