Jelena have reunited for the first time in months *heavy breathing*

Snapchat has the PROOF.

Does this mean what we think it means?

We haven’t had a confirmed Jelena sighing since JANUARY and even though the Biebs pretty much declared his love to all of New York City at the Met Gala, there were still no Justin/Selena encounters.

Until NOW.

Last night, mutual friend Rich Wilkerson Jr Snapchatted a party which showed Selena being adorable and laughing at something we must have missed, and then pans over to Bieber sitting on the couch wearing a massive hat.

Obviously Jelena fans are finding it extremely difficult to deal with this news and don’t want to get their hopes up. The two exes could simply be trying to be amicable and friendly, or this could be Jelena 5.0 (TBH we’ve lost count).

All year Selena has been busy focusing on new music, making a ton of movies, partying with the squad and having some valuable me-time.

And it looks like JB has been behaving; he’s fixed his hair, stopped graffitiing public property and seems to be back to his sweet ol' self.

We don’t see why it couldn’t work out. Both of them are a little bit older and have matured a lot in the past year, and are killing it career wise… OH and they both seem to be single... we think.

All the odds are in their favour, right?