Justin Bieber spent his July 4th hanging with one of the PLL girls

Plus a cute dog – just had to mention that.

By Amber Manto

While Tay was throwing a Fourth of July party to rival all Fourth of July parties and Selena was dirt-track riding out in the middle of the desert, JB was hanging with an unexpected friend - PLL's Ashley Benson.

Who even knew these two were friends?! Espesh since Ashley's buddy buddy with JB's ex, Selena and ex/friend/whatever the hell that was Hailey Baldwin.

The odd pairing spent the American holiday together in Florida, water-skiing and hanging out with very cute pupper.

Oh did we forget to mention JB was wearing white Calvins? His wet, see-through white Calvins? We’ll just let that sink in.

Anyways, you can check out all the pics HERE..

Considering Biebs has been getting ~cosy~ with Nicola Peltz lately this is rather an interesting turn of events. Although ya know, Ashley has a bae, Ryan Good, - a bae JB is friends with - so we're certain this is just a friendship thing. Still, weird.