Justin Bieber just went up against The Weeknd


By Matt Galea
Justin Bieber just went up against The Weeknd

As if the relationship between Justin Bieber and his ex’s bae, The Weeknd wasn’t already tense enough, the two singers just went head-to-head for the ~coveted~ Male Artist of the Year award at this year’s iHeartRadio Awards.

The feuding artists were up against Drake, Luke Bryan and Shawn Mendes and the award ultimately went to, drumroll please…

Justin Bieber!

While this was a mega achievement for The Biebs, and one that we’re sure he’ll be stoked about considering he’s so anti-The Weeknd RN, we’re sure Abel wouldn’t care much about losing out as he just returned from touring Europe with the gorj Selena Gomez.

So like, who is the real winner here?

Soz Justin!