Can you believe Justin Bieber actually hates one of his own songs?!

And no, it's not "Baby".

It’s hard to believe that Biebs could possibly diss any song he’s ever done… well, anything in his discography past 2012 that is.

But we were actually quite surprised, shocked really, when we heard he doesn't rate one of his later, boppier dance tracks.

But enough fluffing around, now for the info you came here for... which song IS IT? We'll give you a clue... Body rock, girl I can feel your body rock.

Yep, it's "Beauty and the Beat" the very one where he collabed with queen of rap, Miss Nicki Minaj.

"I never really liked "Beauty and a Beat." But I understood what it was at the time. And it was music that was popular at that time, as well. But I was never really a huge fan of that song," he admitted in an interview with The Bert Show.

Um, it was only released 2012 Biebs, not a lifetime ago. Music hasn't changed THAT much but anywayz.

Maybe it's just THAT Selena reference he's not a fan of anymore. You know the one Nicki says in her rap... "Justin Bieber/You know I'm gonna hit 'em with the ether/Buns out, wiener/But I gotta keep an eye out for Selener."

Either way, we just don't get it. We still think it's a bop of a tune and will continue to have it on our Best of Bieber Spotify playlist. <3 <3 <3

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