Justin Bieber had a sucky time at the Billboard Awards and here's why

Don't think he'll be going to another award show.

By Amber Manto

Poor Bie-Biez, he's having rough trot of late. Seems not even a night out the Billboards Awards has lifted his spirits. His little heart is just too jaded.

Even though he did a crazy-good performance of Company and Sorry, and scored the award for Top Male Artist, he just wanted to be home in bed with his puppers.

^ How we imagine JB after the show

The morning after the awards, he went into full rant mode on Insta and we warn you - this is epic.

If you couldn't be bothered to read all of that (hey no judgement) basically Biebs reckons awards shows are full of fake people and he's tired of being judged when he's there. In other words, he hates going.

Hmmm... don't think we'll be seeing him at any awards shows anytime soon then will we? First the no-selfies with fans policy and now this. Um, do you even want to be famous anymore, JB?

Meanwhile, what's the go with that moody sheep and castle picture? Fangirls, plz investigate.