Justin Bieber responds to being called "gay"

And we LOVE his response.

So Justin Bieber's posted a vid of himself on Instagram, where he's messing around on a private jet (SO CASUAL) on some weird wheeled contraption, clearly bored, as his bodyguard Mike messes around on his phone. (We hope that phone's on "airplane" mode, Mikey poos.)

So anyway, Biebs plants a kiss on Mike's cheek and wheels off on his weird little not-quite-skateboard as Mike can be heard calling him "gay".

Using "gay" as an insult isn't exactly cool, so you'd have totally understood if Biebs never let this video come to light. 'Cos it makes his bodyguard look a biiiiiiiiit like an idiot. But Justin DID upload the video, with the best caption ever: "@mikeyarana I'm not gay but even if I was that's not an insult".

YES BIEBS! Taking the time out to remind his 28.8m followers that "gay" is NOT a synonym for stupid/bad makes us have all the love for him right now. <3