Justin Bieber FINALLY addresses all those Selena Gomez rumours

We finally have answers angelic music playing

UM woah, we didn’t see this coming at all.

In a KIIS FM interview this morning with Kyle and Jackie O, J-Biebs himself cleared up THAT rumour.

In his music video for his new hitWhat Do You Mean, Selena Gomez’s name can be seen graffiti’d in the corner of a skate ramp spray painted in pink. It is only on the screen for a SPLIT second, but hardcore Jelena shippers spot these things from a mile away! #truth

When asked by Jackie if he was amazed at the fans picking up on the graffiti from the video, Justin responded and was legit confused.

“I think that might be fake…what are you talking about? What are you referring to?” asked Justin.

Kyle and Jackie O then seemed a little lost, however when Jackie confirmed the scene we are all fussing over, Justin finally cleared up everything when he said, “No, that wasn’t me who did that”.

Us right now:

Whilst we are shocked to hear him deny the words we CLEARLY saw, we kinda are a lil’ disappointed that it wasn’t the Bieber who did it ~tears for Jelena~

But we know he is still AMAZING at heart, telling Jackie O that he is total Boyfriend Material! ~dat pun though~

“The thing is, I am a relationship kind of guy, I love being in love and I love cuddling and all that stuff.”

Plus we’re PRETTY certain he's single right now judging by his deep comments…

“I got my heart broken, so I’m just trying to let that heal up” #Pray4Justin

If you're still certain you saw Sel's name written and want to play detective click here.

Words: Emma Hedges