Justin Bieber tweeted a cryptic message and what does this mean?!

Always keeping us guessing.

By Bianca Mastroianni

The epic Justin Bieber saga continues: but this time it's not over his nudity or new girlfriend, but over his social media. Or so we think...

Just last week Bieber #Zayned from Instagram, leaving fans completely shell-shocked. Deleting the app is like, social suicide, so we were wondering how long it would take for him to come running back. Now fans think they've worked out when, having deciphered this cryptic tweet as a clue to his return.

Bieber tweeted; "Should I or shouldn't I?" and fans have come to the conclusion it's about whether he should return to Instagram or not.

Of course, it could be about an entire world of things but Biebs, if you're contemplating returning to the land of the living, we welcome you with open arms.

What do you think his ~mysterious~ message could be about?