ALERT: Justin Bieber has officially left Instagram for good

Selena feels REAL bad.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Yep, you heard correctly. Justin Bieber has officially left Instagram for good, and we don't even mean he's gone private.

Just yesterday he was threatening to make his account private if fans didn't stop being mean to his new gf Sofia Richie, and TBH it caused the biggest backlash of ALL TIME!

Not only did #RIPBeliebers start trending on Twitter, but ex-girlfriend Selena made pointed-as-hell comments on his post which led to her accusing him of cheating her BACK IN THE DAY!

#Wow #Drama #Scandal.

Now it seems like Bieber has taken it a step further than making his profile private - he's deleted it altogether. Yep, Justin Bieber has cracked.

We're not sure if this will be a permanent thing, but after the war between him, Selena and even Hailey Baldwin... it's safe to say he might need a little detox from all things social media.

We're just wondering if it's too late now to say sorry? We kind of want him back...

Meanwhile Selena Gomez seems to be feeling really bad about the drama that went down. She just Snapchatted this:

Hot damn! Well, we hope Sofia is comforting him RN... or that adorable new puppy of his!