This leaked Justin Bieber and Drake duet is our new anthem

Best thing we've heard since 'Sorry'.

By Amber Manto

Last night something magical happened: a Justin Bieber remix of Drake’s banger One Dance was heard for the first time ever at an exclusive party in Monaco.

Weirdly, American actress Gabrielle Union happened to be at da club and was one of the first to hear this music chocolate.

Thankfully, Twitter user ‏@Jelysandra was also there and filmed the whole thing for OUR ears to enjoy too (check it out above).

TBH we don’t know all the specifics but it appears La Biebs was also at the club when the remix was played.

We also know this tune is the best thing we’ve heard since Sorry. In fact it’s so good, Canada should seriously consider making it their new anthem.

This isn’t the first time the two Canadian princes have teamed up musically. Last year JB did a remix of Drake’s other epic banger Hotline Bling but it was never released officially.

Then back in 2012 Drake lent his vocals to JB’s Right Here.

Lucky for us this new song WILL be released officially, according to [Twitter]( https://twitter.com/OVOSound_radio/status/737354718247157761] so we’ll defs be able to this one to our playlist.