Justin Bieber is in ~major~ trouble

The Biebs is facing some serious charges.

By Matt Galea
Justin Bieber is in ~major~ trouble

In unsurprising news, Justin Bieber is in trouble with the law… again! But this time, the ’Sorry’ singer has had some seriously violent allegations made against him and it is 3000% too late to say sorry.

The Biebs has been named as the prime suspect in an assault, according to TMZ. The attack went down back in June when a person that looks a heck of a lot like Justin was caught on video fighting a man in Cleveland after a basketball game.

The victim told authorities that the singer stole his sunglasses, so the man took a photo of the Biebs. An angry AF Justin then hit the man multiple times to the point where the victim got a concussion and had to go to hospital.

Sources involved in the case have claimed that the man filed a police report this week after trying to settle the case with the Biebs himself, but Justin would not cooperate.

Authorities have told TMZ that charges are yet to be filed, but the 22-year-old could be in very serious trouble.

The bad boy thing is getting a little old Justin.

It may be time to grow up, yeah?

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