Justin Bieber gets back with an ex-girlfriend *just* as Selena moves on

Coincidence or is this legit?!

By Bianca Mastroianni
Justin Bieber spotted with Kourtney Kardashian again

In the midst of all this Selena Gomez + The Weeknd drama, Bella Hadid has made her disgust pretty well known about her ex now dating a new gal... but as for Selena's famous ex, Justin. He has been quiet, 'til now.

Not only was he bombarded with questions about the two, and shared that he thinks the entire thing is a PR stunt... but he's been spotted with an ex-girlfriend just in time.

So who's the lucky/probably very confused ex?

Is it Sofia Richie...? Nah. Hailey Baldwin?! Nope... What about Kendall, who he's been ~rumoured~ to have dated a few times? Sorry! Not her either, bit it is her sister.

YEP! Let's revive that Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber romance once again.

Nobody really knows WTH is going on between Kourtney and Scott Disick, but while he's been off gallivanting in Dubai, Kourt has found company in le Bieber.

On Sat, the two were spotted at The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood, and the paps even noticed that they left together. Ooooh. You can see all the pics of them together here, and bask in all of Kourt's nipple glory.

Just last week Kourtney took to Twitter to be crytpic af, talking about "trust issues" which we are sure is directed at Scott. And usually, when her and Scott hit a bump in the road, she turns to Justin.

Watch this space for more ~juice~ !!