Turns out Justin Bieber ~accidentally~ reactivated his Instagram

Kinda back, kinda not.

By Sammy Stewart

After a painful 2 weeks with no @JustinBieber, babes FINALLY rejoined Instagram late last night!

Except, he's now deactivated his IG and it turns out it was all a big misunderstanding.

Last night, fans noticed that Justin and his ol Instagram account were BACK! In the short time that he'd reactivated, Justin also posted 9 white blank pictures.

~Sah mysterious~

Just as the #JustinReactivatedParty trend was taking over the internet and his fans were cracking open the BBQ Shapes, Justin decided to pop everyone's balloons with this cold tweet:

Understandably, fans were NOT impressed.

Justin, what do you honestly mean?!?!?