Young Johnny Depp was an actual Justin Bieber doppelgänger

Not sure if JB or JD...

By Sammy Stewart

There are a few celebrities on planet Earth who could easily be mistaken for another, in fact we’ve got a whole gallery dedicated to lookalikes which you can look at right HERE.

During a visit on the ELLEN show, our favourite pirate Johnny Depp rocked up and a rather peculiar discovery was made...

Ellen did what she does best and dug deep through the archives and found a photo of fetus Johnny Depp, or should we say JUSTIN BIEBER.

Johnny couldn't quite explain HOW or WHY the resemblance was so damn uncanny, so we have a theory:

Either Johnny Depp is Justin Bieber from the future or Justin Bieber is a time traveller.

Check out the clip above and give us your thoughts!