Imagine paying $2000 to meet Justin Bieber and being left with THIS substitute

Safe to say fans are nahhht happy Jan!

Justin Bieber fans forked out $2000 from their piggy banks to purchase VIP tickets to his Purpose tour with the hopes and dreams of meeting the Biebz… but were unfortunately left with a substitute that was more 2D than 3D JB…

That’s right… a cardboard cut-out. YA-HUH. NO LIEZ HERE.

Earlier this week Justin announced that he was cancelling all meet and greets due to his mental health, saying they leave him “drained and unhappy.”

Understanding sure, but fans who already purchased the expensive tickets were given these options: get a full refund, concert included, or suck it up.

Obvs they still wanted to attend the concert so in place of the meet and greet were offered this substitute.

We basically have no words.

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