Is Justin Bieber trying to rebuild his bad boy image?

You'll never believe what he did to get kicked out of a Mexican tourist attraction.

By Amber Manto

Dunno about you guys but when we visit other countries we tend to keep a low profile, be on our best behaviour and all that jazz. But not our Biebs, he makes his own rules. OOoooOOOOoooo.

Although it’s been a couple years now since that bucket incident and JB’s worked hard to get back in our good books, it seems he ~might~ be trying to rebuild his bad boy image.

This time he’s been causing mischief in Mexico, kicked out of the Mayan archaeological site of Tulum for trying to climb ancient ruins that had been roped off. An official at the site confirmed he was told to leave.

But that’s not all. Apparently he had his pants down and may have had a ahem beverage in hand.

Adriana Velazquez-Morlet, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, said in a statement, “his mates pulled his pants down and insulted our staff at the site. We have a very strict policy of conservation and respect of the Mexican cultural heritage that applies equally to all our visitors, whether or not they're famous."


However reports from staff at other tourist attractions in the area have claimed the opposite, giving Biebs a glowing report. Basically saying he’s an absolute delight.

"He was completely respectful [...] he even ate some of the traditional food prepared by local communities," said Nathalie Leño, the spokeswoman for AllTournative.

Who knows then, maybe Biebs was just letting off some steam before he headed back to the US. Or his friends were being boys and dacked him cos they thought it was funny - ugh, embarrassment! We still love ya JB. <3 <3 <3