Justin Bieber has hit 80 million Twitter followers, so let's celebrate with his most retweeted tweet

Did not pick this.

By Amber Manto

For seven glorious years now, Biebs has been #blessing us with his ~deep and meaning~ thoughts all in 140 characters or less.

He joined Twitter way back in March of 09 and as of yesterday reached quite the milestone - he now has over 80 MILLION following his every word (and remains the second-most followed person on the site behind Katy Perry).

A couple of times he's nabbed the title as the most retweeted tweet of the year which is impressive BUT what has been his most retweeted tweet of ALL TIME?!

We thought for sure it would be these ~iconic~ words...

But as hilarious as this tweet has become, and no matter how many memes it has been turned into, this didn't even come close. It only has a mere 80,972 retweets.

In fact the honour belongs to this piece of JB wisdom from January 2014, where he thanked the entire Belieber universe for sticking by him after he got in a bit of trouble with da law.

It currently has 618,418 retweets.

There you have it. Evidence the Belieber force is ridiculously strong.