Is Justin Bieber dating this 19-year-old British model?

They were pictured on a hike together...

The internet has exploded with excitement because Justin Bieber has been spotted hiking with...A GIRL!

The singer was seen trekking up Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, with 19-year-old British model Jayde Pierce, and the pair obvs didn't care that people saw them as they updated their Instagrams/Shots/Snapchat accounts with pics and vids of their day.

They even got snow cones after. Cuuuuuuute!

In a Snapchat video Jayde is seen being carried by Biebs, as they both shout "Yayyyyyy" at making it to the top. "He carried me halfway through but that's fine," she admits.

That's more than fine, Jayde. Good work!

We dunno though - are they dating? What do you reckon? Justin recently revealed that Selena was his "soulmate" so could he have moved on that fast? Or are him and Jayde just good friends?