Justin Bieber's reaction to Zayn Malik's 1D departure is the worst


Ok, we usually love the Biebs but TOO SOON, JUSTIN, K?!

A video has emerged of Justin Bieber being WELL sarcy about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.

He was caught on camera by TMZ outside Bar 20 in West Hollywood and when asked by reporters what he thought about the One Direction bombshell, Justin replies: "I don't know man. Thats sucks though. How many members is that now? Four?"

Urgh. Like you didn’t know?!

Then, his reaction goes from bad to worse when he bursts into a fake emotional breakdown:

"Zayn's gone? Noooooo!", he screams. "That was my favourite Directioner!"


Of course, he is VERY distracted by the millions of selfies he's taking with fans but still... Watch below.