ALERT: Justin Bieber is working on a top secret project

We betcha never saw this coming!

By Matt Galea
ALERT: Justin Bieber is working on a top secret project

Justin Bieber usually isn’t one to share his plans with the masses, but following his recent return to Instagram, the Biebs is no longer holding back!

Taking to the app that he previously labelled as "the devil", Justin uploaded pics from a V ~secret~ project that he’s working on with DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Migos, and Chance the Rapper.

Unforch, the pics were captionless so they gave no indication as to what the heck the project is.

But luckily, DJ Khaled gave us a bit more of an indication via an Insta pic that he uploaded.

He captioned the photo: "Fan luv please I beg you keep this top SECERT !!! Secret !! Video !! SECERT anthem !!! GRATEFUL THE ALBUM COMING !! stay tuned for the next pic please keep this top secret please !!! There one more icon missing from this pic yull see soon !! But please keep it top SECERT! #GRATEFUL THE ALBUM COMING ! #WETHEBEST! @wethebestmusic @epicrecords @rocnation."

Followed by this squad pic, captioned with: "More history is being made FAN LUV I PROMISE YOU IM GOING ALL OUT ON MY 10th studio album #GRATEFUL !! ITS COMING!! @liltunechi @yrntakeoff @quavohuncho @justinbieber @offsetyrn @chancetherapper Please keep this SECRET ANTHEM SECRET VIDEO! TOP SECRET !! @wethebestmusic @epicrecords @rocnation."

The esteemed DJ also posted a video with JB’s manager, Scooter Braun where he asked him if Justin’s vocals are ready to roll yet.

He captioned the vid: "Ayo @scooterbraun did the @justinbieber vocals come in!! ‪Fan luv I'm on #GRATEFUL album video set! We up to something! Top SECERT alert! Fan luv I'm going all out top secret video /anthem ‬@wethebestmusic @epicrecords @rocnation."

We do know that Justin is very into rap music (with special reference to his fire rap verses in 'Boyfriend'), and it looks like more Bieber raps are on the way!

We are SO here for this!