JB's either being hella shady towards Tay in this vid...

Or he's just a closet naughties country pop fan.

By Amber Manto

Dunno what’s going on today but straaaange things are happening. First fangirls starting trolling Niall, prince of all things pure and wholesome, Horan. Then the 1D fandom believed they'd cracked the date #BabyGate will end, all because of a sighting of the rainbow bear. And now Bie-Biez is getting in on the action, posting a shady von shady Insta vid where he's playing + singing along to Taylor's not-so iconic 2006 track "Teardrops on my Guitar".

Which is weird coz Tay isn't JB's biggest fan, ever since he messed with Sel's heart.

Evidenced here:

^ Someone get us a glass of water coz that DAMN was salty.

Teardrops on my Guitar tells the story of Tay's unrequited love of a boy named Drew and as JB is having a good ol' singalong to the song, he stops and asks: "Who's Drew?"

Now any dedicated Belieber would know Biebs' full name is Justin Drew Bieber so what exactly is he playing at? He then flashes a smirk and continues singing.

The bigger question here though is what was the point of uploading this vid? Luckily, we have a few theories:

1. He's trying to get Selena's attention
2. He's just discovered 2006 country pop
3. He's a closet Swiftie from way back and this is his way of letting the world know
4. He's trying to waste the media's time by uploading strange videos (if so, points to you JB).

Something is suss here, dunno what but something.


Tay apparently hit the ol' heart button on the vid.

Anywayz, check out the vid above and loop us in on ~your~ theories. Coz we sure as heck can't wait to hear them.