An angry fan is suing the pants off Justin Bieber and TBH we don’t blame them

Bad boi Biebs is back at it again.

By Amber Manto


It’s only been two days since JB was in strife with PETA for that Tiger selfie, but already he's in trouble again. This time it’s for smashing a fan’s phone.

According to TMZ, Biebs was out having a good time at Cle nightclub in Texas last month, sculling a beer and spilling it everywhere. But, unknown to JB, a sneaky fanboy named Robert Earl Morgan was lurking nearby capturing the whole thing on his phone.

Biebs eventually noticed what was going on and was reportedly “enraged”. He grabbed the fan’s phone and smashed it into smithereens, destroying any evidence that he's a wild party boy (like we don't already know that but anwayz).

The man is now suing for damages to the tune of US$100K as he claims he never got his SIM card back after the phone was destroyed, which he says was filled with irreplaceable images such as those from his grandmother's 100th birthday. It also held the numbers for business contacts which meant he lost money from potential work deals.

If this case goes in the plaintiff's favour, it'll be the most expensive phone Bieber has ever bought.