Justin and Sofia Richie's love story continues as they holiday together

Just wait until you see her latest Instagram post.

By Bianca Mastroianni

ICYMI: Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend and we couldn't be shipping this couple harder RN.

The lucky gal happens to be celeb royalty, Sofia Richie. Yep Nicole Richie's lil sis.

Just this week they've been spotted on an adorable date at Laguna Beach, and hanging out at his house.

But now they're taking their relationship to the nek level because they've been spotted boarding a private jet together. OOH, holiday?!

But that's not where it ends. Sofia posted this amazing shot on her Instagram and she's officially won the internet.

Wearing a jumper with JB's head on it, she captioned the pic: "No pictures," and it's funny as hell because just recently this fan trolled Bieber in the best way ever over his no-photo policy.

Ahhh, she's stunning, makes funnies and is Lionel Richie's lil gal. Keeper.