This is how Justin Bieber spent Valentine’s Day

Warning: This article will probably make you cry.

By Matt Galea
This is how Justin Bieber spent Valentine’s Day

The month of love is kinda sucking for Justin Bieber. Majorly!

First, it was reported that he bumped into his ex-bae Selena Gomez and her new man The Weeknd while they were all over each other at The Grammys, now, the 'Sorry' singer has taken to IG to reveal that he spent Valentine’s Day on his lonesome.

“I got no food, I got no job, our pets’ heads are falling off, I got no Valentine,” he said in an IG video, followed by what we’re sure he intended to be a fake cry that low-key sounds pretty real.

For those of you who are a lil rusty on your ‘90s movies, his bizarre rant was a quote from the 1994 comedy flick, Dumb and Dumber.

JB is obvs still reeling from seeing his ex with her new bae, as an insider spilled to HollywoodLife.com that after witnessing the Abelena PDA at Rihanna’s Grammy after-party, he Zayn’d the event.

“He was there for a hot second…not very long at all! He left almost immediately!”

Poor Justin, we’re really feeling for the man RN.

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