Skrillex offers up solid evidence which proves JB didn't steal "Sorry"

Can't argue with this.

By Amber Manto

Update: 20/5/16

Looks like Indie artist Casey Dienel, aka White Hinterland, might be the one saying sorry to JB and Skrillex after she claimed they pinched a vocal sample from her 2014 bop Ring the Bell and used it for Sorry.

Skrillex took to Twitter to defend himself after the allegations were made public last week, posting a vid of the original recording session he did for the song which shows exactly HOW those vocals at the start came to be.

Turns out the acapella vocals we hear belong to a woman named Julia, and Skrillex - using the magic of synthesisers and whatnot - miraculously turns her voice into the haunting vocals we recognise from the beginning of the epic banger.

It's really quite mind-blowing to watch how he does it. Check it out above and give us your verdict - we reckon this is pretty solid evidence for their defence.


JB must be walking around with no pants a lot of the time as they're always being sued right off him.

It was only a few weeks ago that he was being dragged through the court system for allegedly smashing a fan’s phone. Now he’s in trouble again, this time over his music.

Indie artist Casey Dienel aka White Hinterland, is suing JB, Skrillex and their songwriters for stealing vocal samples from her 2014 bop Ring the Bell in order to make Sorry the epic banger it is.

~insert standard pun here about it being too late to say sorry~

Anyways, she reckons although they only use eight seconds of her sounds, they repeat it six times throughout the tune and she ain’t cool with that.

Appaz she warned JB to stop using the sounds last December but he didn’t respond so she’s now filed a lawsuit and wants a whole lotta cashola from La Biebs as a peace offering, reports TMZ.

Hmmm righteo. Well the jury's still out on this one – literally - so until then have a listen to her song above then check out Sorry (for the millionth time we’re sure) below and let us know what you reckon.