Watch Justin Bieber totally flip out at this fan

Someone turn on the lights cause it's shady in here.

By Amber Manto

It’s official: bad boi Biebs is back and he’s grumpier than ever.

He’s (allegedly) smashed a fan’s phone, posted photos that upset animal lovers and now he’s getting cranky at fans.

JB was leaving his hotel, being driven out by his chauffeur naturally, when the car stopped near a pack of fans squawking like a bunch of seagulls fighting over a hot chip (no judgment, we’d do the same).

His window was rolled down and he was wearing a mighty unimpressed expression on his face.

However it was what happened next that REALLY made him unleash the sass.

A fan, who was very excited to breathe the same air as La Biebs, threw a flag/towel/Purpose tour t-shirt at him as a gift. Biebs looked horribly disgusted at having fabric thrown in his face. He tossed it out the window and abruptly pushed the button on the electric window, all while giving the death stare.

Twitter user zoe bieber captured the whole thing on film and has since stood up for JB's actions.

And she's not the only one who thinks it was the FAN who was in the wrong.

Our verdict is still out on this one but one thing's for sure: we welcome you back Bad Bieber, we've certainly missed your crazy antics. xx