Justin Bieber is in BIG trouble again and this time for a pretty darn good reason

Should have known better, JB.

By Amber Manto

Not a day goes by where JB doesn’t get in strife for something - whether it's climbing ancient ruins in a Mexico or comparing himself to God Biebs is always causing mischief. And when this photo popped up on his Insta the other day, we just knew it wouldn't take long to upset a lot of people.

We weren’t wrong. Animal rights group PETA are not happy one bit that Biebs thought it would be OK to pose with an exotic animal being held in captivity.

The pic was taken at his dad’s engagement party in Toronto where Papa Biebs, Jeremy, had hired a bunch of entertainment - including wild animals. PETA believes the animals to be from Bowmanville Zoo but here's where things get real bad.

PETA notes the owner of the zoo, Michael Hackenberger, was recently charged with five counts of animal cruelty after PETA caught him whipping a young tiger.

And if that ain't horrific enough, PETA reckons these animals may even be fed sedatives so they're calm and don't attack people during parties like the one JB's dad threw.

“We’re calling on Justin and his family never to use animals as selfie props or party entertainment again,” PETA said statement.

“Every dollar spent on these events and every selfie taken with a helpless captive animal supports animal suffering,” they added.

Fair point.

JB has yet to say anything on the matter and hasn’t removed the photo from his Insta so we guess that's that then.

All we can say is maybe next time, leave the tiger out of your selfie, K JB? Your pretty face is enough for us. XX