Justin Bieber has the final say in the war with Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez

Harsh, Biebs, way harsh.

By Amber Manto

Just when the dust had settled on the whole Kim vs Tay take down and we thought 2016 couldn’t deliver any more drama JB has to go and stir up trouble.

If you missed what went down yesterday let’s recap in bullet point form:

~ JB posted a heap of pics with his new maybe-GF Sofia Richie.

~ Haters trolled her hard.

~ JB threatened to make his Instagram private unless the H8 stopped.

~ Selena had a go at him for hating on Beliebers.

~ Hailey Baldwin got angry at the couply pics.

~ JB bit back at Sel with some random thoughts about her using him for attention.

~ Selena called out JB for being a cheater.

~ Hailey Baldwin backed up Sel with a now-deleted post.

OK, now that you’re all caught up.... less than 24 hours later, the flames are still burning and more gasoline has been thrown on the fire.

JB has gone and done something which no ex really wants to see happen – he’s unfollowed both Hailey AND Selena on Instagram which anyone knows is the equivalent of having the final word in an argument.

Sel's not following him either, and neither is Hailey. So no-one is following anyone anymore.

Well, all this escalated quickly didn't it? Somehow we don't think this is the end juuuuust yet though.