Justin Bieber’s Instagram is slowly becoming a shrine to #Jelena

It’s a lil’ awks now…

By Amber Manto

In what can only be described as another attempt to win kween Sel back, JB has delved deep into his phone camera roll and uploaded a pic of him and Selena from the good ol’ days.


It was only last week that JB posted a #TBT of Jelena and caused the internet to legit melt down. However this time it was not TBT or FBF... it was regular Saturday which means Justin was sitting around reminiscing, we imagine probs like this...

To make matters even more awkward, Selena was ~apparently~ getting cosy with Niall Horan over the weekend, only a week after she was spotted getting cosy with Biebs. Ugh, we can't keep up but one thing's for sure, it seems Sel is in high demand.

Naturally the fandom had their own thoughts on the matter, which of course are rather hilar.

Sigh, we don't know how much more we can take. JB if you’re reading this plz stop so can get off this emotional roller-coaster.

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